Construction Quote Cover Letter Template


  • Submit professional looking changes
  • Provide key information to ensure understanding
  • Increase approval rate on your changes

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Full Description

Submitting a quotation to an owner or an architect is a challenging thing to do. Changes by their nature are received negatively. Your best approach when issuing a change is to ensure that the people receiving it understand the costs. Explaining it from your perspective is even more important.

What is a quotation cover letter and what is it’s purpose?

A quotation cover letter is a document that precedes the actual quotation. The letter outlines the total value and provides an executive summary on why the change is being issued. It provides an opportunity for the contractor to communicate directly with the architect and owner on their justification of the change.\

This quotation cover letter template will provide you with the tools you need to get your message across. The quotation cover letter includes:

  • Address and subject fields
  • Quotation reference
  • Quotation total
  • Explanation of scope
  • Schedule extension (in days)

Save time and avoid hassle on your construction projects with this construction quotation cover letter template. This template was created in Microsoft Office but will work on all modern word processors.


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Construction Quote Cover Letter
Construction Quote Cover Letter Template