Meeting Minutes Template


Track and Organize attendees and absentees and itemized agenda items at re-occurring meetings.

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Contributor - hermanduley

Full Description

This template allows for an itemized list of those who attended and were absent from the reported meeting. Meeting agenda items can be broken down per major scope or tracking item and can be referenced as follows:

1.2.4. – in this scenario, the 1 would be scope item #1, i.e. structural steel. Item 2 would represent the meeting number, i.e. the second meeting. And 4 would represent the discussion point that occurred, i.e. this was the 4th item discussed during the structural steel discussion at said meeting.

In the following meeting, all items would be reviewed and checked off to confirm if they were actioned, and the bottoms section would form a new discussion section, which would be rolled into the list above for the next meeting.


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Meeting Minutes Template