Construction Permit Tracking Log


  • Stay on top of your required permits
  • Track permit numbers and dates when they were issued
  • Never forget a permit number again

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Full Description

Permits in construction are like the golden tickets to the chocolate factory. They give you permission to start building things from an authority. Since they are so important – why do so many projects miss important permits and have them come late? The answer is simple. Poor permit tracking and management.

One of the foundations of permit management is creating a permit tracking log. But what is a permit tracking log and how is it used?

A permit tracking log is a document created at the start of a construction project which lists all of the permits required for a project and assigns responsibility. 

The permit tracking log is intended to be a living document, being updated regularly. It is a central spot where someone can go to reference all permit numbers and when or who a permit is required by.

This permit tracking log template is useful for your construction project if you are just starting or in the middle of a project and want to get organized. It includes the following fields:

  • Permit Name
  • Permit Number
  • Person Responsible for Obtaining Construction Permit
  • Date Permit required by
  • Comments

This document is a spreadsheet and can be used in most modern day Spreadsheet softwares including Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets and Open Office.

Download this construction permit tracking log today and get your permits organized on your jobsite.


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Construction Permit Tracking Log
Construction Permit Tracking Log