Construction Plan Template


  • Plan your project early and the right way
  • Guided point by point with items to consider
  • Easy to use fill in the blank format

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Full Description

Many times you may hear on a construction site that planning to build is just as important as the actual building part. For the most part that’s true. You should spend a significant portion of your time planning upcoming activities. At the start of a projects, one of the fundamental ways you can plan is by using a construction plan.

What is a construction plan and how is it used on a construction site?

A construction plan is a document, developed by the project team at the start of a project that identifies how the project will be built. It covers key subjects like impacts to the surrounding neighbourhood, temporary services and material handling. Its goal is to be a guiding document for the project.

A good construction plan is broken down into various sections. Fortunately this is a good construction plan template. The major sections that are covered include:

  • Public Safety
  • Operating hours and security
  • Air quality
  • Stormwater and Sediment
  • Waste Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Material Handling
  • Temporary Services and Access

Each section is divided further into subsections and each one provides you with a guide to plan out your project. Each item includes key points to consider when preparing your construction plan. This template is Word based meaning it will work on software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs etc.

Start planning your construction projects properly with this Construction Plan template.


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Construction Plan - Construction Plan Template
Construction Plan Template