Consultant Site Visit Report


  • Organize your site visits
  • Clearly communicate deficiencies to the construction team
  • Build trust with the contractors

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Full Description

When a consultant visits site it can be an intimidating time for contractors. There’s a chance that the consultant will point out something wrong with the build. To avoid this and avoid confusion it’s important for consultants to generate a site visit report. What is a site visit report and what is it’s purpose on a construction site?


A site visit report is a document generated by a consultant, architect or engineer after their visit to site which documents observations and issues. It’s purpose is to record the facts so that people can refer to them in the future and act on deficiencies.

This consultant site report template includes the following fields:

  • Project name
  • Project number and location
  • Date of inspection
  • Observations
  • Issues or deficiencies noted

This template is a document mean it will work with all modern day word processors including Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, google docs, etc

Ensure your site visits are documented properly with this construction consultant site visit report.


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Consultant Inspection Report - Consultant Site Visit Report
Consultant Site Visit Report