Man Power Tracking Log Template


  • Track manpower for your team or your trades daily.
  • Identify manpower shortages or concerns.
  • Ensure schedule is met by better understanding productivity.

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Full Description

When you’re building on a construction site it’s common to have multiple people working either on your crew or for your company. Because of this it’s a good practice to keep track of everyone. A man hours tracking log can help with that. But why is it important to track man hours on a construction project and how can a log help?

Tracking hours on a construction project is important because it ensures that you’re not over paying employees or contractors for the work that is being performed. Man hours can also reflect progress on site. By understanding productivity per worker you can assess whether you’ll meet your projected dates.

A log can help to track employees and companies because it keeps an accurate record of the number of men on site each day, as well as, if necessary the number of hours worked. This is useful to identify issues. For example, if a drywaller needs ten men, and they only have two for half the week, maybe additional time is required the following week.

This manpower tracking log for construction includes the following fields:

  • Company names
  • Number of workers per day
  • Total workers per day
  • Description of work being performed

This template is a spreadsheet meaning it can be used with most modern spreadsheet softwares including Google Sheets, Excel and others.

Understand your project manpower better and help to assure the folks around you that you will hit your schedule dates and production rates with this manpower tracking sheet.


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Manpower Tracking Log - Man Power Tracking Log Template
Man Power Tracking Log Template