QAQC Checklist – Site Works (Excavation)


Use this site works excavation quality control checklist to check for items both before and after installation.

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Full Description

If you ask any experienced construction professional, they will tell you that quality assurance and quality control are the magic sauce to many projects. Ensuring that people are checking the correct items prior to and post installation will ensure that your team stands a better chance of delivering the quality required by the project.

The best way to check both quality before and after installation is through a checklist. A predefined checklist for your specific scope of work, can be standardized and rolled out across your project, ensuring that people maintain consistency in their quality control and corners are not cut.

This quality control checklist is for site work, specifically excavation. It features over 10 different items to check both before and after excavation work has been completed. Use it on your construction project to improve quality.


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