Respiratory Protection Plan


  • Keep workers safe on your jobsite
  • Comply with local requirements
  • Familiarize workers with the safety program

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Full Description

Respiratory protection is a common requirement for project sites. Workers health is critical to a safe jobsite and one of the most common safety issues on a jobsite is respiratory hazards. Chemicals and airborne particals can pose a hazard to workers.

Having a respiratory protection plan can help avoid some of these issues. A Respiratory Protection Program is designed to protect employees by establishing accepted practices for respirator use, providing guidelines for training and respirator selection, and explaining proper storage, use and care of respirators.  This program also serves to help the company and its employees comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) respiratory protection requirements.

This is a word document meaning it will work with Google Docs, Microsoft word and other word processing software.

As always – it is your responsibility to ensure this document complies with all local, regional and federal code requirements. This should be treated as a template only.


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Respiratory Protection Plan
Respiratory Protection Plan