Safe Work Procedure – Lock Out Tag Out Template


  • Standardize safe work procedures
  • Identify risks related to lock out tag out
  • Keep your staff safer

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Full Description

To maintain worker safety when dealing with live services on a construction site a lock out tag out procedure is required. Live service have the potential to cause bodily harm to people if they are not handled with caution. So what exactly is a lockout tag out procedure and how it useful?

A lockout tag out safe work procedure outlines the steps that workers and supervisors must take to isolate and de-energize services to allow activities to safely proceed. It outlines things such as who is responsible for termination, redundancies on lock outs and how communication is maintained.

Having a safe work procedure for lock out and tag outs on a construction site will allow your workers to remain safe while performing this high risk work. This template will provide you with:

  • Steps to ensure worker are safe
  • Roles and responsibilities for each step in the process
  • Custom logo
  • Project name
  • Area for sign off and confirmation of review by all workers and supervisors

Make sure your workers are safe on your construction site while working around live service by implementing this safe work procedure lockout tag out template.

As a reminder it is the employers responsibility to familiarize yourself with all code and safety requirements and update this template to include all legal requirements.


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SWP Lock out tag out - Safe Work Procedure - Lock Out Tag Out Template
Safe Work Procedure – Lock Out Tag Out Template