Toolbox Talk – Welding and Cutting


  • Remind workers about welding and cutting
  • Reinforce the message consistently across your team.
  • Develop sound work practices.

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Full Description

A common activity found on most job sites is welding and cutting. Most projects have a type of steel whether it’s stainless, aluminum or a supporting steel like structural. That steel will require alteration no matter how good the fabricator is. Cutting and welding can be a hazardous activity that requires supervision and monitoring. One way to reinforce the safety requirements of welding and cutting is through a toolbox talk. But what is a toolbox talk and how can it be used.

A toolbox talk is a document that is reviewed as part of weekly or daily meetings with the workers on site to remind them of safety trends or issues. It is intended to provide a summary of information intended to reinforce key items to the workers. A toolbox talk is given by the supervisor and signed off by workers receiving the talk.

This safety tool box talk on welding and cutting covers a number of the key basic principles and guidelines for housekeeping on a jobsite. It will help remind workers to keep their areas clean and materials organized.

This is a Word Document – meaning it will work in Microsoft Office and Google Docs (and any other software you use).

As a reminder – it is your requirement to ensure this document meets all local, regional, federal codes and safety requirements.


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Toolbox Welding - Toolbox Talk - Welding and Cutting
Toolbox Talk – Welding and Cutting