Construction Productivity Tracker


  • Track your site productivity
  • Understand the length of activities
  • Forecast the completion of your products

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Full Description

When you run a construction project it’s important to know what your workers are doing and how much they are doing. This is a key metric when creating a construction schedule – but before you can use it you need to track statistics. Construction productivity tracking is important, but what is it and how do you track it?

Construction productivity is the amount of work a worker performs in a set period of time. By tracking what a worker completes in a certain amount of time it will allow you to more accurately schedule your projects.

As an example – by counting the number of bricks a worker lays per day you can determine how many feet of wall can be installed per day.

This productivity tracker provides you with the following:

  • Description of work
  • Day
  • Hours worked
  • Number of workers
  • Amount of work completed
  • Productivity Per hour
  • Amount of work remaining

This document is a spreadsheet which means it will work on Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

Start tracking your productivity on your construction site the right way with this spreadsheet today.


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Construction Productivity Tracker
Construction Productivity Tracker