Construction Schedule – Single Storey House (Microsoft Project)


Save time with this ready made single storey house construction project schedule for use with Microsoft Project.

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Full Description

In construction there are four main requirements for a successful project. Hitting your schedule, being on or under budget, delivering high quality while maintain a safe worksite. This ready made project schedule for a single storey house is designed to make the first of those requirements easy for you.

What is a project schedule?
A project schedule is a documents which identifies the various activities of a construction project, sequencing them and assigning them timelines to define the overall timeframe of a pro

What is included in this project schedule?
This project schedule is prepared for a single storey house. It features all 16 divisions with over 100+ activities from site preparation and excavation through to finishes, mechanical and electrical activities as well as closeout and deficiencies.

What do I need to know about this project schedule?
All relationships are in place and each activity has a standard duration of 5 days. You can customize this by editing each of the durations of the activities and adding additional activities in for your project as is needed. This schedule is generated in Microsoft Project.

Why should I download this project schedule?
Generating the base structure of a schedule takes time. By having this pre-built and ready for every project you can generate a project schedule faster, saving you time and money allowing you to focus on other things.

  • 100+ activitities
  • Standard duration allowing you to easily customize
  • Work break down structure prepared
  • Formatted professionally
  • Microsoft Project ready

Start saving time on your project with this single storey house Microsoft Project construction schedule.


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Schedule 1 1 - Construction Schedule - Single Storey House (Microsoft Project)
Construction Schedule – Single Storey House (Microsoft Project)