Weather Tracking Log Template


  • Track weather every day on your job
  • Record the information that matters
  • Save time, money and protect your team

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Full Description

When you are on a construction project there are many unknowns. One of the most significant unknowns on a project is weather. Weather can have a huge impact on a project schedule, it’s quality and the morale of workers on a project. So how can you manage weather on a project and ensure you are protected?

Managing weather on a construction project starts with tracking. Understanding which days have had weather impact will help you to make decisions and build a case to extend your schedule. Tracking weather can be done using a tracking log which identifies the what the weather was each day and how it impacted the project.

Using this weather tracking log template will simplify the process of tracking weather for your project. It collects essential data and standardizes it so that you can use it later. Fields include:

  • Day
  • Weather (Morning and Afternoon)
  • Impact (Y / N)
  • Explanation of Impact

This template is a spreadsheet meaning it will work with all modern software including Excel, Microsoft Sheets and Open Office.

Save time and protect your project by using this construction weather tracking template.


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Weather tracking log
Weather Tracking Log Template