Bar Bending Schedule – Box Culvert


This easy-to-use  BBS helps site engineer to easily identify required quantities of the various diameter of bars used in Box Culvert.

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Full Description

Bar Bending Schedule-Box Culvert

Bar Bending Schedule is a detailed list of bent reinforcement bars given in any structural concrete element. It contains  bar mark, Diameter, length, shape, and weight.

Why use of Bar Bending Schedule?
-It provides better estimation of reinforcement used in each structural concrete member. You can also calculate the overall reinforcement required for the construction project.
-It helps engineer in the procurement of reinforcement steel and better stock management.
-Wastage can be controlled by careful supervising of the contractor.

-Helps reduce labor cost. Though, it helping in reducing the overall cost of the construction project.
-Makes cutting, bending of reinforcement easy at a factory and can be directly transported to the Construction site.

This helps site engineer or quality inspector to check and approve reinforcement work with better quality control.
Also billing can be done really fast and easy using Bar Bending Schedule.


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BBS Box Culvert - Bar Bending Schedule - Box Culvert
Bar Bending Schedule – Box Culvert