CCA82 – Canadian Mould Guidelines

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Full Description

In recent years, the private, commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors, as well as the public at large have become increasingly concerned about the potential health risks of mould.

Because of the media’s coverage of the possible health risks of mould in schools, courthouses, homes, and other public and private buildings, and the associated legal issues and insurance claims, mould has become a very hot topic.

This has placed increased pressures on building managers, safety committees, directors, contractors, consultants and owners to properly assess the effects of mould and to implement proper prevention, clean-up and remediation practices and procedures.

The scientifi c and public health communities agree that indoor mould contamination is a health issue for some individuals, and therefore mould growth should be removed. At the same time, both communities agree that it is presently impossible to establish safe mould exposure thresholds.

Incurring mould growth during construction can have a negative effect on scheduling, costs, client relations and occupancy.

In order to minimize mould growth and associated health risks, all aspects of a construction project should be reviewed. This includes the design, specifi cations, material selection and handling, construction work practices, scheduling, operations and maintenance.

Minimizing water intrusion during construction and developing a proactive plan to effectively deal with wet
construction materials are also important considerations.

As construction professionals, understanding mould related issues is vital to achieving successful projects and minimizing associated liabilities.


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