Gypsum Fire Resistance Design Guidelines

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Full Description

This Manual is a convenient and useful specification
aid for anyone concerned with the design, construction,
or inspection of fire resistive and sound control systems.
Design information is quickly and easily determined.
Comparison of these characteristics allows the user to
be more accurate in meeting design and code
requirements. The data provided are especially useful to
builders, architects, code officials, fire service, and
insurance personnel.

The systems in this Manual utilize gypsum products
to provide fire resistance to walls, partitions, floor-
ceilings, roof-ceilings, columns, beams, girders, and
trusses. Systems are classified according to their typical
uses and their fire-resistance ratings. Walls, partitions,
and floor-ceiling systems are further classified by Sound
Transmission Class (STC) or Field Sound Transmission
Class (FSTC). The Impact Insulation Class (IIC) is
included for many wood framed floor-ceiling systems.


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