Asphalt Pavements Inspector’s Manual (State Of Alaska)

Asphalt Pavements Inspector’s Manual for the State of Alaska

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Full Description

The information currently available on asphalt paving would fill a small library. Furthermore, DOT&PF’s Alaska Construction Manual describes procedures for the Department’s staff to use on all aspects of construction projects. This manual draws on the Alaska Construction Manual and other sources but does not attempt to replace them as a reference for official Department policy. It is intended to present portions of this information needed by laydown and asphalt plant inspectors in a convenient form. It also presents information of value to paving materials inspectors. Material test procedures are so detailed, however, and test requirements so variable between projects, that this manual presents only rather general information about them.

More information on asphalt and paving is available in the publications listed in Appendix F (Further Reading). Many of these are available at your construction project office or the regional Materials office. A copy of the Alaska Construction Manual should also be at the project office.

The Alaska Transportation Technology Transfer Center can provide a wealth of videotapes and publications dealing with paving and other transportation issues. Their address and phone number are listed in Appendix F.

Many individuals and agencies assisted in the preparation of this manual by reviewing draft versions and by making photographs and figures available. Ed Schlect of the Asphalt Institute is notable in this regard. Nicole Greene and Sheree Warner spent many hours preparing the text for publication. The authors appreciate and acknowledge this help.


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