Manual for the design of plain masonry

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Full Description

This Manual focuses on structures that do not rely on bending in masonry for their overall stability (e.g. sway frame buildings), although the design of individual masonry elements subject to lateral loading and involving bending for their resistance, is included.
Specifically, the Manual covers:
• Choice of structural form (and conceptual design)
• Choice of materials
• General principles of limit state design for masonry walls and columns
• Design of loadbearing masonry
• Design of laterally loaded masonry (and masonry infill panels to framed
• Details and construction
• Design for fire
• Design for accidental damage
Notably, the structural design of reinforced and prestressed masonry, as well as retaining walls and arched structures, are not covered here — although an exception is the use of bed joint reinforcement; for both laterally loaded walls and for crack control.

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