Fall Protection For Beginners

A whitepaper on the basics of fall protection.

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Full Description

Those who work at an elevation should be very aware of their surroundings, proceed with caution and use (personal) fall protection to keep them safe.
Falls from height are a major cause of workplace injuries and deaths all over the world. The UK and Australia each noted 25 deaths in 2016 caused by a fall from height at work and in the USA a staggering 849 people were killed at work due to slips, trips and falls.

These statistics show that working at height is no joke and that there is much to gain from using fall protection. Because, and that is the most unfortunate part, these deaths where preventable in most cases.That’s why we have put together the basics of fall protection in this whitepaper. By raising awareness and implementing safety measures, such as a fall protection plan and by selecting the proper fall protection systems for the job you will keep yourself and others safe.


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