Management of Construction Projects

Manual to provide guidance on achieving Fund Objectives during construction.

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Full Description

The Consultant has been guided through the design phases of its project by the State University Construction Fund’s three objectives – achieving quality architecture, on schedule and within budget limitations. The product of these efforts will be lost unless it continues to pursue these objectives during the construction of the project. Final achievement of these objectives depends not only on the Consultant’s proper involvement during design but on its continued and proper involvement during construction. This document does not supersede any provisions of the Contract

In achieving these objectives during design, the Fund has emphasized the Consultant’s responsibility for project development and management. Therefore, it is imperative that the responsibility for the management of projects under construction rests with the Consultant.

This manual is devoted to the design and construction phase procedures and requirements necessary to achieve the Fund’s objectives during construction and to assist the Consultant in assuming its full responsibilities1 . It is understood the purpose of this manual is to provide guidance in these procedures and does not supersede any provisions of the contracts.


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