Resilient and Wood Floor Cementitious Self-Leveling Underlayment

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Full Description

There are a growing number of different types of floor coverings being installed in commercial applications, from sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile to epoxy surfaces. Every floor, whether it is in a retail outlet, hospital or a restaurant, has specific needs to hold up to its unique traffic and commercial situation. This necessitates the proper specification of materials and execution of floor surface preparation, particularly in relation to floor flatness. This is critical to any successful floor covering installation. To ensure a higher quality appearance and reduced lifecycle cost, imperfections in the subfloor must be addressed before installing the floor covering.

Putting more effort into surface preparation will yield massive benefits for your floor covering installation. Not only will the floor covering be easier to install, but a truly flat floor will have an aesthetic quality that building occupants will appreciate. While there are many minimum industry standards for achieving a flat floor, the question remains: Do they go far enough? As the flooring industry continues to evolve and specifications become more demanding, construction methods must continue to improve to meet these challenges


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