Estimate with Cost And Sort Codes


Organize your estimating process with this estimate spreadsheet containing cost codes and sort codes.


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Full Description

Estimating is a complex process that involves accumulating sometimes hundreds or thousands of numbers to create a budget for a future building. Because of this complexity, it’s very important to stay organized when preparing an estimate.

One way of doing that is with cost codes and sort codes. This estimating spreadsheet includes both:

  • Cost codes – built using the Master Format this spreadsheet includes line items for every single division for you to fill out.
  • Sort codes – these give you the ability to add custom sort codes to the sheet, allowing you to break out your costs into specific areas, adding additional totals and subtotals for each.

Get more granular in your estimating and demonstrate to your clients and colleagues how organized you are with this estimating spreadsheet with cost codes and sort codes.


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Estimate with Cost And Sort Codes