Quantity Calculator – Concrete, Steel and Brick


Use this calculator to easily compute the quantities of materials such as concrete, rebar, steel and masonry,

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Full Description

Estimating can be a time consuming process. In order to develop the final numbers for all of the items going into a project you first need to understand the quantities for each of the materials. Once you have the total quantities you can apply a unit rate and understand the total cost of the materials.

Some materials such as rebar, steel, concrete and brick are a bit trickier or time consuming to perform quantity takeoffs. Use this spreadsheet to help you calculate:

  • Rebar (enter radius and length)
  • Steel plate (enter dimensions and thickness)
  • Brick – enter length of wall and size of bricks
  • Concrete – enter dimension of the wall



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Estimate1 - Quantity Calculator - Concrete, Steel and Brick
Quantity Calculator – Concrete, Steel and Brick