Why Your Construction Company Needs A Website

Whether you are a subcontractor, supplier, general contractor or a consultant, not having an website and online presence can be a lost revenue opportunity. But why does your construction company website really matter? If you’re just starting out your business chances are you’ve read a few articles on why it’s so important to have a website.

Today let’s dig into the five most no-nonsense reasons it’s important for your construction company to have a website and online presence.

Reason Five – Your Construction Competition Already Has One

Seriously – what construction company do you know now adays that doesn’t have a website? Most companies by the time they are a year old already have one set up. Make sure you do the same. In the 21st century it looks unprofessional and unorganized for you to not have one.

If you you were a client with the choice between two contractors. Both with the same price and same reputation but one has a great website with lots of images of past and current work, which would you choose?

Reason Four – Google Local Search Loves Local Construction Company Website’s

This may or may not be something you’ve heard of already but when you google “drywall contractors toronto” there’s typically a list of companies that come up at the top. This is called google local search and it’s basically a free way for you to get your company noticed more.

Typically when someone who is unfamiliar with the trade landscape needs advice they turn to google. By submitting your business along with contact information to Google Local Search through this link you’ll get yourself listed on that group of companies and avoid having to do some cold calling.

Confused with this? Don’t worry we were too when we first heard about this. Reach out to us through our construction services page to help you get your company listed and provide some recommendations on how to increase your visibility on google.

Reason Three – Do It For Your Existing Clients

One of my biggest pet peeves in the construction industry are medium to large companies that still utilize their “google” or “hotmail” email addresses. Show some pride, buy a domain name that matches your branding and utilize it for email.

A construction company website is a great networking tool as well. The construction industry values the old fashioned “I know a guy” method of getting new work. By establishing a website you’ll have a portal to send people when they get the “I know a guy” contact information from someone.

It also let’s people show you off – perhaps your clients have blogs or social media. By establishing these accounts you can share in the glory of a successful project and the pathway to it!

Reason Two – Social Media Helps Spread The Word

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the social media options are endless but the one thing each has in common is that it’s an easy way to spread the word about your business. By posting relevant content to your industry and utilizing hashtags and tagging your location you can reach out to people who are interested in your industry in your area. It’s a great way to skip having to pay for advertising and just do it yourself.

The second benefit to having these accounts is that there are lots of accounts that have thousands of followers that are more than happy to share your content. Groups such as Insta Builders, Contractors of Instagram and even our own account will happily help out the community of contractors.

Need more advice on social media – reach out to us today and we’d be happy to provide you with a list of services we provide on social media.

Reason One – It’s Much Easier Than it Used To Be

This is number one for a reason and it’s the honest truth. Getting or making a website for your construction company and getting online is easier now than it ever was. Gone are the days where you need to learn complicated code to create a beautiful layout and graphics.

If you choose to make a construction company website yourself, platforms such as wix allow you to make beautiful websites with a drag and drop editor. If you choose to have someone make it for you, there are plenty of developers out there to hire (we even offer some managed website services). Hiring someone to take your website from idea to creation is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other construction costs and can benefit your company tremendously.

Does your construction company have a website? How did yours get started and what is it? Share below or consider listing your company in our online directory to help show it off!

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