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Sell your construction documents and resources.

Boost your earning potential by becoming a contributor on the world’s leading construction marketplace.

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What is this?

The world’s largest construction marketplace.

Essential Construction is an online marketplace that provides easy access to resources such as procedures, estimates, schedules and design documents for construction professionals.

These resources are created by a growing community of contributors who generate hundreds of new resources each month. The profits generated by these sales are shared between the contributors.

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Explain it to me

How it works


Register as a contributor

Registration is easy through our form and onboarding process. Give your storefront a name and image!


Upload Your Document

Select a resource that you own and upload it to the marketplace, our team will review for quality and price your listing.


Make some sales

Once your product has been published, watch as sales start to come in. Promote your product to speed up this process!


Get paid

We split all direct sales of your products with you. Once you hit a sales threshold of $50 we will pay out to your account.

Why do this?

Why sell on Essential Construction?

To make money, thats why, duh….

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Additional Earnings

Add your documents and share in the sales. We’ve generated over $1.5m in total community earnings and that number is growing!

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Grow Your Following

Showcase your skills by promoting your dedicated storefront to the community. Link your social profiles to expand your reach.

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Simple & Easy to Setup

Getting start is as simple as filling in a form and uploading your first document. We’ll fill in the details to get you up and running quickly.

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Dedicated Support

Our community manager, Natasha, will be here to support you on day one, walk you through the setup and help with any problem you have.

What can you sell?

Sell any of your resources

Sell any document you use on your jobsite. Here’s a few examples…

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Construction safety meeting - safety glasses

Safety Procedures

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QAQC Documents

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Estimating Files

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Joint venture contract


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Whitepapers & How Tos

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Codes & Reference

Who can sell?

Open to anyone!

Our marketplace is open to anyone to sell their documents, here’s just a few of the folks we work with regularly and what they upload.

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Construction pros

Safety procedures, logs, schedule templates, plans, estimates, RFIs and more.

Designers & Engineers

CAD blocks, design presentations, entire drawings, building codes, whitepapers and more.

Finance & Legal

Financial forecasts, timecards, contracts, agreements, RFPs, accounting tools and more.

Business Owners

Policies, flow charts, human resources documents, legal contracts, and more.

The proof is in the results.


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Frequently asked questions.

How do I earn money?

You earn money with each sale you make. You earn 40% commission for each purchase so it’s in your best interest to promote your products.

How are authors selected and reviewed?

After you submit your application we review it and either approve or come back to you with some questions. Further products that are uploaded are reviewed prior to being posted to ensure they meet our quality standards.

What are the exclusivity rules?

Selling on Files.Construction exclusively is not required. You can sell your products elsewhere.

Who owns my products / what are the terms and conditions?

You retain full ownership of your products until they are sold. You can remove them at any point. Purchases on our website are bound by the terms and conditions. Please review them here.

How and when am I paid?

All of our payments are done through Stripe. In order to receive payouts you must register for a stripe account. Once your account is created you will be required to login to your stripe account through our vendor dashboard.

Payouts are done once an account reaches $50 in profits.