White Papers

White papers provide key insights into industry activities, standard practices and innovations.

  • Development Planning for Construction Projects

  • Construction Project Scheduling: A Basic Guide

  • Bringing People, Process and Technology Together for Better Outcomes

  • Effective Contractual Risk Transfer in Construction

  • Modular Construction: From Projects to Products

  • Formwork & scaffolding report 2022 French Market

  • Four Steps to Clarity in Construction Insurance

  • Control of Project Risk For Owners

  • BIM Explained Whitepaper

  • Plan, Pour, Protect and Place

  • Corrosion Mitigation For Concrete Structures

  • Cold Weather Concreting

  • Tendering Procedure for Construction

  • Introduction to Quantity Surveying

  • Fall Protection For Beginners

  • Fall Protection VS Fall Prevention Whitepaper

  • Elements of A Building Whitepaper

  • Properties of Concrete Whitepaper

  • The International Comparative Legal Guide to Construction & Engineering Law 2017

  • Resilient and Wood Floor Cementitious Self-Leveling Underlayment

  • Uncoupling Membranes for Tile Installation

  • Tile waterproofing showers

    Waterproofing and Vapor-proofing Tile Assemblies in Showers

  • Cementitious Self-Leveling Underlayments

  • Rapid Setting Tile Installation Solutions for Time Critical Projects