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If you work in the construction industry…

NOW is the time to take control of your project.

How to bullet-proof your project with less than 5 hours per week.

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Proven resources used by hundreds of companies and teams to run their construction projects.

Hey Construction Pro…

Every construction business, small or big, who builds more than one project per year has run into the age old “scaling problem for their projects.

Out of the 200+ clients we work with on a yearly basis, we hear the same complaints over and over before we start working together:

  • “I don’t have a good framework for my projects, I just randomly put stuff up.” 
  • “I can’t get any consistency with my projects… some of them make money, others don’t, the teams are just so different.” 
  • It feels like I’m just guessing… I don’t have control over my project.” 
  • Every time I try to make improvements, things work for a week then fall apart. Then I have to restart all over again.” 
  • It feels like I’m the only one on my team who cares or wants to see things improve, why doesn’t anyone seem to know what’s going on?” 
  • All of the trades seem to be stacked on top of one another, who is the one with the plan?”
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Now mind you, these are not complete newbies.

Some of these statements have been said by business owners, senior foreman and experienced project managers of businesses doing over $100million per month in revenue.

If you…

  • Have a project that’s starting or is already disorganized with trades working on top of one another.
  • Have a project that’s behind schedule or way over budget.
  • Feel like you are burning through your audiences faster than you should be

Then that is good news. Guess what.

You probably don’t have people problems.

Let me explain. Project issues (in most cases) aren’t people problems… They are execution problems. If you’ve ever tried to take a project and finish it faster and it tanked, you almost assuredly have an execution problem, even though it presents itself as a people problem. 

Let me ask you a few questions…

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  • Do you have a schedule you review each week and compare your current dates to the baseline?
  • Do you have specific days of the week when you review quality issues on the site?
  • Are you spending more than 5 hours per week on planning future activities?
  • Is your project team getting along and working in harmony?
  • ​Do you know exactly what you need to check each week to ensure you’re on track?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, I can almost guarantee your execution problems are coming from a project framework.

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The teams and businesses that see processes and procedures as an asset rather than a soul-sucking, tear inducing, liability are those that have proper systems and frameworks in place to eliminate as many potential project issues as possible.

It’s somewhat of a cliche in the construction world: “check everything!”.


Time and resources are NOT unlimited. So you must choose what to try.

  • What should you try first?
  • How should you try it?
  • How do you even know if it’s worth trying?

If something takes 40 hours to implement and $50,000 to test and has the ability to improve project performance by 1%… should you really test that?

On the flipside, if implementing a new process took 1 hour to implement, $150 to test, and could improve your overall project performance by 25%… shouldn’t you test that immediately? Our team at has gone through every phase of that process.

We’ve gone through the “test every little thing! let’s see if checking every little deficiency matters!” (pro-tip: doesn’t matter at all).

We very quickly realized that’s not sustainable. Not only were we not getting the results we wanted, it was taking us forever to make money on our projects.

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After 6 years, and over $1 billion in completed projects, we’ve nearly perfected the process

Gone are the days where we struggle for weeks to recover a project. When performance drops for a few days, we immediately know what to fix, how to fix it, and why it stopped working.

There’s no more guesswork, no more throwing crap against the proverbial wall and seeing what sticks. It’s clear, calm, and consistent.

So what we have done is built a framework for the time-conscious construction professional looking to streamline their project.

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Two days a week, and less than 5 hours per week in planning, regardless of the spend. All with higher profits and less stress. How does that sound?

Now, this is not for everyone. If you aren’t involved in a project already, processes and construction are not your problem. Don’t buy this yet. Seriously. Our framework is for businesses that have active projects and are getting stuck.

This is not a “get rich quick”, “start a dropshipping/course selling/coaching business with no experience” product. We are here to help people in the construction industry that are well established, or just starting their career, involved in their projects and having trouble.

We aren’t going to show you what a project is, how to work the software, or how to do the work. This is for intermediate to advanced construction professionals only.

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So wait a minute… how is this different from what my company is already doing?

I’m so glad you asked 😃. Here’s the truth: the construction industry is filled with a lot of people who claim that the way they run projects is the best without results from what they are doing… Now, let’s also be clear, there are a lot of very talented, reputable construction leaders out there. We’re friends with a ton!

The other sad truth is a lot of information is intentionally complicated to try to justify it’s place in the industry. If a project management platform is charging $5k, $8k, or $10k or more per month, of course they are going to want to make you feel like they have some special sauce. You know how some people like to use big, complicated words so that other people think they’re smart? Yea, that happens a ton.

If you are on this page, I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few construction projects. You’ve probably even been on one or two that have struggled.

Here’s what we believe: fundamentals beat out fancy technology or “hacks” every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

The truth is that running wildly successful construction projects is not really that hard. It’s pretty simple actually. We need to match great knowledge with great people, and offer them a great framework.
But the devil is in the details.

  • When should you try new processes?
  • Is your team facing fatigue?
  • Should you try a new technology?
  • ​How about new techniques?
  • ​Should you change the projects you’re working on completely?
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Human error and emotion cause more wasted profit than so-called “technical issues”. When novice professionals have a bad day full of issues, they turn off, freak out, fix the wrong problems, then cry themselves to sleep.

When advanced professionals have a bad day, they analyze what went wrong, regroup, and fix the real problem.

That’s why we have built out the construction toolkit.

We have made every single mistake in the book (believe it or not, no, we aren’t perfect).
And we’re here to save the day and stop you from wasting more money on projects. Yes, we all wear capes.

Our goal is to make running your construction projects as simple as humanly possible.
Because that’s when performance is best and most consistent.
Want to see what I mean? 

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“Give your project a chance at success with these incredibly useful resources.”

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Our teams have used the resources from the kit to run our jobs across the nation.”

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In use on jobsites around the world….

construction safety - Contractor Start Kit - LPD

Gerard B. This has changed the way I work. I save hours each day on creating documents and procedures for my jobsites. This means I can focus on what I love – planning my work.

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Kody T. First let me say, I’ve been working as a carpenter for the last 20 years. 2 years ago I decided to go into management. I was struggling to find a good source of information. The contractor toolkit provided everything I needed AND MORE. Thank you to everyone who put this together, it’s been a great resource that I refer to almost every day!

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Jose A. SIMPLY THE BEST! I’ve been struggling to find good information on the internet for construction. Found it with this great package!!!!!!

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Wanna know the best part?

The Construction Toolkit that you can get instant access to today is exactly what we used to run our projects with 99.9% of which are extremely profitable.

We’ve run over $750m worth of projects with this kit. Today, you can get access to the same processes we use for a fraction of that… for just $17.

Not exaggerating – the process is the same exact one we use.


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The Digital Construction Toolkit

The new simple, 5 hour per week system for creating a profitable construction project.

MODULE 1 – Estimating and Startup

  • Learn the proper way to tender a project and the pitfalls to avoid.
  • Learn about what the best contract type is to use for your project.
  • Develop best practices for the early days of your project.
  • Five different documents and templates including preparing a proper estimate, a walk through of value engineering and a contract template for your projects

MODULE 2 – Planning and Execution

  • Learn why preparing a construction plan will prepare your project for the worst and the detailed steps to developing one.
  • Learn the fundamental laws of scheduling and why you haven’t been doing them properly.
  • Learn how you, your team and the members of your project can all communicate more effectively and specific techniques that can get you all on the same page faster.
  • Five different documents and templates including a ready made construction plan, execution plan and one of the best three week look ahead templates on the internet that you can use in your foreman’s or project managers meeting.

MODULE 3 – Project Administration

  • How you can strategically ask questions on a construction site to get what you want out of them.
  • Building an RFI process that keeps your project on track.
  • Managing submittals more effectively to avoid delays during this process. Also – how to make them not boring.
  • The best way to submit a change order and key ways you can make more money with changes without being underhanded.
  • Eight different documents and templates that you can use to fully manage the project administration component of your project.

MODULE 4 – Site Logistics

  • Learn to develop temporary plans for your project including temporary power, temporary heating and temporary construction allowing you to ensure your construction site operates seamlessly.
  • Learn insider tips about key construction activities including saw cutting, coring, housekeeping and more.
  • Build a safety plan and implement it on your project including a safety plan template.
  • Learn the best way to manage quality that will keep your clients coming back for repeat work.
  • Understand how hazards in the workplace need to be planned for – things such as falls, asbestos and demolition and moving vehicles and equipment.
  • Seven different documents and templates including a ready made safety procedures, daily work logs, planning templates – documents you need daily on a site.

MODULE 5 – Reporting and Closeout

  • Learn how to forecast your costs to the end of the job, build a financial report so that your projections are more accurate and you can make more money.
  • Develop the skills necessary to build out a risk register, identifying all of the issues and potential issues on your job to better protect you bottom line.
  • Learn how to close out a project in a timely matter that will impress clients and keep them coming back for more work.
  • Develop a weekly report that will give you the chance to communicate with your clients more often, brag about your successes and identify potential issues on the project.
  • Perform proper punch lists walks with the tools you need and learn what to look for.
  • Five different documents and templates that you can use to fully manage the reporting (for communication), financials and closeout portion of the project.

All of the above and for a limited time get the following BONUSES:

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BONUS – Exclusive Community

  • Exclusive access to our questions community where you can ask any question and have it answered by an industry veteran. ($99 value)

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Insider Newsletter

  • Insider weekly newsletter where industry veterans share tips and practices. ($212 value)
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BONUS – E-Book

  • Our best selling Amazon e-book – “The Essential Guide To Running Your Construction Project” ($29 value)

A bit about us …

  • We’ve personally worked hand-in-hand with over 500 different companies including large contractors, small subcontractors, designers, engineers and more.
  • ​​Our team has collectively built over $1 billion in work over the last ten years.
  • ​​Have directly generated over $100 million in revenue through our kit and marketplace.
  • We are endorsed by large contractors across North America.

Frequently Asked Questions

$17 seems too low, why is it so cheap?

We want you to get such good results that it creates new problems in your business…
Problems that we can help you solve. Let’s be clear – we provide resources for construction professionals, you are most likely a construction professional. So we can cut the BS :).

We are willing to lose money to acquire you as a customer, try our products out, and then ideally you love them so much that you want to work with us more closely or join our marketplace.

Why should I trust you guys?

Fair question. There are a lot of snake oil salesmen in the industry, unfortunately.

So, here goes: most people offering construction services don’t run their own construction projects. They haven’t worked with hundreds of companies and completed over $1 billion in work.

Ultimately, it’s our job to show you as much proof as possible, and to take away as much of your risk as possible.

Review our testimonials, our free content, and see if it makes sense.

On top of that, we have a lifetime guarantee on our products. If you’re unhappy with the content, All you need to do is email us with one word “refund”, no questions asked, and you will receive your money back within 7 days.

When will my kit be delivered?

Documents will be available for download immediately after purchase. You will be granted access to our members only area where all of your downloads will be available.

How will I access my toolkit?

Immediately upon purchase you will receive an email with links to all of your downloads, in addition you will be granted access to the members area where you can access all of your lessons and resources at any time.

Who is the kit for?

Any one involved in the construction industry – engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, tradesmen, suppliers. Anyone with direct exposure to a construction site.

This training was built for our internal team, so it’s relevant to any jobsite in any location around the world.

Will this work for me?

Unless you buy it and do absolutely nothing, almost certainly yes.
The main problem with educational products like this is that the majority of people don’t implement.

But that’s fine – we take the risk with that, which is why we have a LIFETIME guarantee.

When Will I Be Charged?

Immediately upon processing of payment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including AMEX and paypal.

Are all of the documents editable?

All of the documents and templates are fully editable meaning you can manipulate them as little or as much as you need.

What if I don’t like it and want my money back?

No problem whatsoever.

All you have to do is send us an email at:

Our lifetime guarantee means that we’ll just give you your money back, no questions asked (we may ask for some feedback to improve the product though)

What if I still have questions?

Just email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our customers are our partners

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Gina T. Very good value for the price. Useful resources for any stage of a construction project, regardless of experience level.

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Mohamad safa - Contractor Start Kit - LPD

Mohamad A. This website is a very useful one for those who wish to save time in setting up forms and formats.

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Sofie R. I’m fairly new to the industry, the toolkit was cheap and gave me all the knowledge I needed to familiarize myself with processes and procedures on the jobsite. It’s saved me so much time. THANK YOU!

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Jiuta B. Brilliant – five stars!!, thanks a lot for all these information.

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Justin T. User friendly and excellent service. Would recommend to anyone in the building trade.

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Pedrham B. I work on a wind farm project, we needed documents to organize the workflow with subcontractors and workers. We benefitted from several documents at

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Company Skanska - Contractor Start Kit - LPD
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ENR - Contractor Start Kit - LPD
Company kiewit - Contractor Start Kit - LPD

You’re protected by our lifetime no-risk 100% money-back guarantee

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We are so sure that you are going to love this product, we want you to try it with full confidence. And we can’t wait to see the results you get by implementing!

As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive access instantly… and with zero risk. If you don’t like it, we’ll just give you your money back.

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