Carpentry Project Cost Estimation Excel Template


Elevate your carpentry project management with the MB Estimating Spreadsheet – a comprehensive Excel-based template designed for efficiency and accuracy in construction cost estimation. Whether you’re a project planner, manager, estimator, or organizer, this tool caters to your needs across various construction projects.

Key Features and Benefits:

Universal Applicability:
Tailored for carpentry projects but versatile enough for any construction industry and project type.

Excel Simplicity with Advanced Capabilities:
Leverage Excel’s simplicity while incorporating crucial options found in specialized cost estimating software. Create a customizable database of materials, labor, and machines, allowing quick access to multiple entries for efficient estimate generation.

Phased Project Management:
Create an unlimited number of project phases as unique sheets, providing detailed insights into every aspect of your construction project.

Automatic Report Creation:
Generate two types of reports (basic and detailed) automatically, offering an overview of your project’s estimated costs for effective communication.

User-Friendly Interface:
A user-friendly, simple, and effective interface that allows you to access multiple database entries simultaneously and make fast estimates.

Pre-built Database:
Access a pre-built database with around 50 carpentry materials, including labor coefficients (man-hour). Expand the database to include over 1,000,000 rows of your construction material and labor items for extensive customization.

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Full Description

This is Excel-based, carpentry project cost estimating template, but useful also for any construction industry and any type of project. Project planners, managers, estimators, organizers, designers can have a huge benefit from it. It can be used for construction estimating, cost analysis, making bids, quotes, but also for evaluating different solutions in the construction project making phase – for example, one job can be done in several different ways, with different materials, machines, workforce types. With our spreadsheet, you can easily compare different project solutions.

Excel is commonly used for estimating because people love Excel’s simplicity and all the useful tools it has. However, Excel estimating models are lacking some crucial things that cost estimating software has – easily accessible database, the ability to divide the project into different phases, have a clear insight into every construction project’s phase cost, and automatic report creation. That’s why we created the MB Estimating Spreadsheet, which keeps all the Excel’s simplicity and ability to use all magnificent tools within but also incorporates crucial options of common cost estimating software. With this template, you are able to create your own database of materials, labor, and machines and easily access multiple database entries at once and create estimates very quickly. You can create as many project phases as different sheets and have a clear insight into every project aspect. You can create reports automatically. In this template, there is a database with around 50 carpentry materials with labor coefficients (man hour – amount of time needed for assembling one unit of material, which is useful if you want labor cost for assembling material automatically), but you can fill the database with over 1000000 rows of your construction material and labor items. And keep using all Excel’s wonderful tools and enjoy its simplicity!

>>>User-friendly, simple, and very effective
>>>Access multiple database entries at once and make estimates very fast
>>>You can create an unlimited number of project phases as unique sheets and have a detailed insight into each one
>>>Database with materials and labor can be easily populated and easily changed
>>>You can create two types of report
>>>It is fast, accurate, and saves your time

LEARN MORE: Watch the overview video:
Watch detailed project example:

After you open the file, you will see four tabs – Instructions, Database, Summary, and Stage 1. In the Instructions sheet, you have the information needed for working with the program. You can fill the database with over 1000000 rows of materials and labor. In the Summary sheet, you will have an overview of the results, and the main commands are executed from there. Stage 1 is a sheet where you will make an estimate for the first project phase (stage). You can create an unlimited number of phases.
*****Suitable for Excel 2007 and more recent versions, used on Windows computers, and Excel for MAC 2016 and more recent. After the Excel for MAC update 16.72, there’s a chance that, when creating a report for the first time in a session and Word isn’t open, the initial instance of the Word document might be generated as an empty file. To address this, simply click on “Report” once more, and the report will be created normally.
***** ****Be sure to enable macros after you start the program if it is not already enabled in your excel.
**** Feel free to reach out with any questions!


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Carpentry Project Cost Estimation Excel Template