Concrete Pre-Pour Checklist Template

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  • Manage concrete pours more effectively
  • Make sure you’re meeting the specifications
  • Avoid rework by conforming to industry standards

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Full Description

Concrete is used in most modern day construction. It is a material that has modernized the way we build and allowed us to build to new heights including most modern day high rises and structures. While it is a versatile construction material engineers have learned to optimize it’s design with rebar. Because of this your concrete pours on your jobsite need to be monitored and checked. Prior to a concrete pour it’s important to do an inspection and complete a pre-pour checklist. But what is a concrete pre-pour checklist, when is it used and what value does it provide?

A concrete pre-pour checklist is intended as a list of predefined items to check prior to a concrete pour commencing. The purpose of it is to check that specific items are in place to avoid failure of the concrete or having to remove portions of the structure once it’s completed.

The value that a concrete pre-pour checklist provides is that is teaches employees who may not otherwise have the technical know-how what to look for. It also provides a reminder to experienced employees ensuring they don’t skip steps.

A concrete pre-pour inspection and checklist is a great way to ensure that the quality requirements of the engineer of record are met.

Fields included in this concrete pre-pour inspection include:

  • Date and time of pour
  • Rebar inspection
  • Review of shop drawings and engineered drawings
  • Formwork inspection including review of layout
  • Confirmation that all third party inspections have been completed

There are many more fields in this checklist. The checklist is spreadsheet based and will work on all modern day software (Excel, Sheets, etc).

Do you want to be at risk and have to chip out concrete after your pour is completed? Avoid common mistakes with a concrete pre-pour inspection and checklist today.

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    Great resource. Much appreciated

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Construction Pre-Pour Checklist
Concrete Pre-Pour Checklist Template